I went to SUNTORY YAMAZAKI DISTILLERY where was near that museum with my friends. This time was my first time, which I visited the distillery. When I was younger, we sometimes went to a lots kind of factories on a school excursion. However, we tended not to go there when we became adults. We entered the free distillery’s guide tour. The most interesting option was tasting of whiskey at the end of tour. This tour took one hour. There were three sites; the distillation apparatus, the storehouse and the tasting.




Firstly, we went to a huge room, which contained the distillation apparatus. The progress of distillation is most important for making the whisky. There were a lot kinds of enormous kettles in there. Each kettle’s had various different shapes. This view was best part of this tour. Secondly, we went to the storehouse, which included so many barrels. As soon as we entered this room, we were able to smell whisky. There were a large number of barrels, so I was amazed. One barrel costs one million yen. The whisky should be slept at least 12 years. Thirdly, we went to the tasting room. We were able to drink whisky and soda or water or straight. I tasted two types of whiskies named THE YAMAZAKI SINGLE MALT WHISKY and THE HAKUSHU SINGLE MALT WHISKY. These whiskies’ names were based on a producing districts. I like YAMAZAKI rather than HAKUSHYU, because this taste was mellower.




The most important factor of the whisky making process is water. There is a lot of natural water in Yamazaki. This is why Yamazaki was collected as a distillery 80 years ago. In the old days, SENNO Rikyu who was the most famous person to tea ceremoney held the tea ceremony at Yamazaki. What’s more, Yamazaki has a peculiar ladform, which was surrounded by plain and basin and has a moist climate. These environments are effective for making whisky.
















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