fan review



15th Feb was most important day for me this month, because I went to the live concert by COLD PLAY. I really like them. I went to their concert three years ago. At the time, I was able to enjoy the concert was very exciting. Last week, they got a Grammy Award; Song Of  The Year, Best Rock Album 2009. Their song which named VIVA LA VIDA was used as the main song at CM for i-pod nano last year, and was a song in the world that year.


 COLD PLAY consists of four English men. The vocalist whose name is Chris Martin married Gwyneth Kate Paltrow who is a Hollywood’s actress. The guitarist is Jonny Buckland. The baseist  is Guy Berryman. The dramer is Will Chanpion. They refused to let their songs to be used for company’s advertisement or commercial purposes, and they maintain attitudes that their songs are used conservatively in spite of a popular musician all over the world. In the past, they had offeres from GAP and Coca-Cola. However, they declined all offers. Christ said that if our songs are used as a business strategy, we might lose our true purpose for making music. I admire him because of this his opinion.





 The most impressive scene was the ending. In all foreign artist’s concert lives that I have ever seen, most artists leave the stage as soon as the live finished but COLD PLAY didn’t do this type of artist. They bow down to fans many times. Finally, they gathered the centre of stage and bow down with all members like a musical.

At that time, I was able to feel again that art is necessary for our lives. Music is an artform. At first sight, we may think that living without art may not be a necessary condition to live. However, art gives us a lot of power or motivation to live. We sometimes want to touch any kind of art, and as soon as we supplement the energy to live they return to their live concerts. I believe that art is not a necessary and sufficient condition for living but a one of the element of necessity for living.







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