Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art



I went to the Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art with my friends.

We assembled in Oyamazaki Station at 1:00 p.m. Oyamazaki Station is a small station, and visiters have to ride on a local line to reach this station. What’s is more, there are only museum. We were able to enjoy a natural environment. It took ten minutes to reach at this museum, and there ware so many steep slopes. We were little tired before viewing the exhibition.







This exhibition is Now, Oyamazaki … YAMAGUCHI Akira.  I did not know him, but now I have became his fan. YAMAGUCHI Akira is an artist who has a superb painting technique and  a unique approach toward paintings. He describes the traditional Japanese painting like Yamato-e and creates his paintings by combining the contemporary and past elements. He is thirty-nine years old and  was born in Gunma prefecture.








In this exhibition, he claimed that was inspired from the history of Oymazaki. There was a Battle in Yamazaki between HASHIBA Hideyoshi and AKECHI Mitsuhide in 1582. He portrayed both of the samurai in his new paintings, and depicts Mitsuhide and his fallows in a very peculiar way, which may evoke the viewer mysterious . This is his first exhibition in Kansai.








There were other features in this museum. Firstly, Claude Monet’s work is the most famous in this museum. Although, I have seen his work at a Tate Modern in London, this time was very exiting as well. Secondly, this museum was designed by ANDO Tadao. He is the most famous architect in Japan, and his work is highly regarded all over the world. The new building that was designed by him formed like a circular base which is underground. We were able to have a good time. I had many discoveries related to Japanese art.








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