I need sometying art.


I went to one lecture which was held in graf with my friend whose name is Masako.I met her in Kyoto when we participated in Kyoto Art Walk Exhibition as a volunteer worker.

She has gone to Glasgow to study contemporary art since five years ago. Last autum, she came back to Japan to start an artist work. She loves art and Glasgow rather than London. Generally, many people think that most famous city for art is London. I think so too, but she doesnt so. She said to me, Glasgow is exciting city for art, and has produced many great musicians and artists. Glasgow is an artistic city. She is proud of Glasgow. After I heard this, I was nterested in Glasgow. She often gives me a lot of positive minds.






Main topic of this lecture was about an ‘Artist in residence programme’. In this programme , one artist goes to new place and creates new work there, and finally they can have a private exhibition. If artists go to new place, they can feel big inspiration and make their work more creative. This links to an enthusiasm of art scene, what is more this scheme is aimed at young artists. In fact, it is very difficult for young artists to continue making work. Only few artists can earn them living as a artist. This programme plays important role for young artist. If young artist want to continue artist activities, they need a lot of money. For example, they need a studio the cost of materials and place for an exhibition.






I think that at this time that has a lot of serious problems all over the world, we really need a power of art. I believe that art has strong power. When I was younger, I liked painting. When I was painting, my mind was free, and I was able to describe my mind or feeling easily through art. My friend wasn’t able to speak suddenly when she was a junior high school student. After she started painting, she was able to speak again.



I need art to live.








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